Have you upgraded your Product Listing Ads over to Shopping Campaigns yet? The due date is coming quickly, as Google has explained that by the end of August Product Listing Ads will be no more, and Shopping Campaigns will officially take over.

PPC Panic Button

Don’t hit that panic button yet! AdWords has made it easy for advertisers to make the switch to Shopping Campaigns by launching an easy-to-use tool. The tool will create a new Shopping Campaign based off of the historical performance, campaign structure, and current bids of your PLA Campaign.

Google does explain that not all campaigns are eligible for the simple switch. If you use AdWords labels or AdWords groupings in your product targeting your campaign may not be eligible until you update your data feed with custom labels.

Google also is offering a Google Hangout in order to show advertisers how to officially make the switch over in case any issues arise in your account.

AdWords has done a great job at making it easy for advertisers to make the switch over to Shopping Campaigns, so do not wait until it is too late! Make the switch.