As part of their Tools for the Power User, Google is launching customized creatives. These creatives are great for advertisers who have millions of products!

How To Set It Up:

In order to set up customized creatives you must navigate to the Business Data section of the AdWords Shared Library.

Business Data

In this new Business Data section your Ad Customizer data will be stored, and will allow you to set up ads to dynamically be updated by the Business Data feed.

Once the Business Data section is set and ready to go, you will then create ads with parameters based on the naming convention you used in your Business Data section. An example of an ad would be:

Mock Customized Ad

When Would You Use Customized Creatives?

  • To Connect With Customers at Scale – An example would be if you sell different sizes of your product at different prices. You can dynamically insert the different sizes/prices into your ads to tailor to the audience you are targeting. This is show in the example below with kitchen mixers as the product.

Kitchen Mixers PPC

  • To Show real-time sales, prices, etc. – Let’s say you have a 24-hour online sale taking place for a certain product. You can put this information into the Business Data feed and then set up your ads to change accordingly throughout the day in real-time. The example below shows an ad for a television.

TV Sale PPC Ads

  • To Optimize Workflow – The amount of time you put into writing ad copy can go down tremendously. Should you still test different messaging? Of course. However, as you can see in the example below, you will not have to take as much time out of your day when certain business functions differ, for example when the price of your product or service has changed.

Flight Ads

We’re excited about this new feature and will have our findings and analysis written up in a future post.