You’re a paid advertising professional. It would make sense for you to attend an event where every single session is focused on making you a better marketer – not selling to you. Does a conference like that exist?

Welcome to Hero Conf.

At Hero Conf, we have 4 times the PPC tracks as SMX or Pubcon. We guarantee you’ll get actionable content that you can start implementing right away. We pride ourselves on having the most actionable PPC Sessions in the industry.

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This year’s sessions include the following topics and takeaways:

Using Big Data to Expose the Multi-Million Dollar Display Advertising Fraud

You’ll learn how to find poor quality placements at scale and utilize these insights to save money on display advertising. You will also learn how to use tools to find placements that do not align with your brand. Lastly, learn new Google Ads scripts to automate the process of excluding poor quality placements across your accounts.

The 5 Essential Combined Audience Structures You Need to Know

In this session, you’ll learn to identify which of the five general audience combination types makes the most sense for your Google Ads campaigns – as well as how and when to revise them. You’ll also learn how to improve campaign performance across all levels of user intent and you’ll see how to combine various audience structures to maximize impact and ROI.

Facebook Attribution; The Untold Story of Customer Journey

In this session, you’ll learn how to get started with Facebook Attribution. You’ll also learn best practices on collecting data from Facebook-owned and 3rd party sources as well as use cases for different attribution windows and models. Lastly, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Attribution to prioritize and sequence channels.