After successfully navigating the setup of a Google AdWords account and the initial round of settings, optimizations, and expansions, the time has come to not only manage your account according to general best practices, but to really identify how your account will flourish. In this white paper, you will gain a greater understanding of the distinction between e-commerce and lead generation PPC strategies, learn the effective use of Remarketing, how to utilize advanced segmentation for improved targeting, cross-device attribution, and how to use automated rules in your accounts.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • The distinctions between e-commerce and lead generation PPC
  • Understanding how to create the most value from your Remarketing lists
  • Advanced segmentation opportunities for your account
  • Cross-device attribution for a broader look at how users engage with you
  • Utilizing automation for a simpler and more efficient account management

Be well on your way to becoming a PPC expert in Google Adwords

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