Bing Ads Content Network Change

On June 30th, 2017, Bing Ads decided to sunset the content network and focus only on search to ‘improve your ROI’. This means, all the promise of display remarketing and other Bing display opportunities is now over.

To solidify this even further, Bing Ads is now sending out emails to any account that is running or had run any content network exclusive campaigns or combined search and content campaigns, stating that all content network data will be deleted as of November 30th, 2017.

According to the information provided by Bing; if you have a content only campaign, the entire campaign will be deleted on at the end of next month. If you have a combined search and content campaign, they will be merged into a search only campaign.


Based on the details provided by Bing, I recommend downloading all content specific data, so that you never lose any of that insight. Especially when pulling year over year reports and even for previous month over month trends.

An easy way to tell if your campaigns were set to search and content or content only is to segment by network and change the date range to go back 6 months. You will see content data present by campaign and as a total. From there, download historical performance for your records.