We all figured it was coming, and it was just officially announced on the Bing Ads blog. Bing Ads will be supporting Enhanced Campaigns soon.

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(mind = blown)

The blog article spends a lot of time going over the difference in Google’s “Legacy” campaigns and new “Enhanced” campaigns. My guess is that if you care about Bing Ads supporting Enhanced Campaigns, then you know what they are. But the part that was really fun for me to read about this bit was how sassy they’re getting about Google’s changes:

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Rrreoowwww, guys. But, here’s the T.K.O punch:

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The official statement from Bing Ads is that towards the end of Q3 (within weeks of Google’s final deadline for the Enhanced Campaign transition), they will have full functionality for importing campaigns from AdWords that are Enhanced.

Here’s the deal: Bing Ads is normally an after thought or at least secondary to AdWords for most PPC managers. Human nature dictates that there needs to be a high value for us to build out the same account or even just campaigns twice. For some advertisers, the value from BingAds just isn’t apparent enough to put in that effort. Or, you know, some people are just lazy. Either way, a lot of people use the function in Bing Ads to import their AdWords campaigns. Hopefully they customize them from there to work best for the audience that “Bings” it. So, if Google does something that makes the functionality of this feature not functional, that’s a lot of lazy people no longer bothering with Bing Ads. Which boils down to: this is a super smart move for Bing Ads.

For starters, like we already covered, they’re keeping advertisers that depend on this functionality and ensuring future advertisers that need it can use it. So, awesome for them. But what I think is even more interesting is the way they’re leveraging this “we are SO better than this” attitude about it. I mean, there’s for sure no shortage of catty remarks on #enhancedcampaigns and in the blogosphere about the way Google is handling this transition and how they’ll work.

With all of this, they did what they totally should have done: played up the “WE would never do this to you. We LOVE you!” angle. It’s really amazing. They’re taking the high road from a PR prospective while still getting in line from a competitive product standpoint.

Did I mention they even link to the FTC ruling that found Google needs to play nicer with the competition when referencing their import function? I just want to snap my fingers and yell, “You go, girl!”.

Now, we just need to see how it all actually plays out.

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Let’s hope it’s seamless and they keep up this sassy ‘tude.