With the rapid adoption of smartphones, phone calls have shot to the forefront of paid search strategy because – and it doesn’t take an expert to tell you this – exactly 100% of consumers actually use their smartphones to actually make phone calls. But according to some real experts, the folks at Luma Partners, 52% of people who take action after conducting a mobile search, do so via the phone.

While search marketers are masters of digital tracking, the unfamiliar territory of attributing and optimizing for call conversions can be uncomfortable, and as a result, is often avoided. In fact, a recent infographic by Invoca reveals that while marketers highly value calls, they do little to maximize call conversions.


The truth is, with new AdWords call reporting, and other advanced call tracking and automation solutions, phone calls can easily be integrated into your paid search search strategy. If your company wants inbound calls, you could be missing a huge opportunity to  generate more conversions. Here is a ten question audit to help you figure out how you can start leveraging call conversion to drive the greatest impact.

  1. Are you using call extensions?
  2. Do you track calls made from your landing page?
  3. Do you capture the same parameters for calls that you do for online conversions?
  4. Do you prominently display your phone number on your landing pages?
  5. Do you use call based CTAs, like Call Now for an Appointment in ads and landing pages?
  6. Do you use click to call buttons on your mobile landing pages?
  7. Do you measure keyword effectiveness based on online and call conversions?
  8. Do you capture caller demographic data and trends in behavior and preferences?
  9. Do you know the value and outcome of your call conversions?
  10. Do you customize, automate, and optimize your call treatment?

If search marketing is a serious part of your marketing strategy , hopefully you answered yes to most of these questions. And if not, you now know where to start.