The Importance of PPC Industry Certification

By Eric Couch | @ecouch11 | Account Manager at Bing Ads

An important area on which to evaluate a potential PPC company is their commitment to Industry Certification. Below is a description of the two most common industry certification programs, as certification via these programs indicates an understanding of current industry best practices and up-to-date knowledge of industry strategies.

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Google conducts the most well-known industry accreditation programs. Google globally recognizes certified companies and individuals in a number of online marketing areas by requiring company spend limits and extensive individual testing evaluations. When choosing a PPC company, verify that the company you are hiring is a Google Certified Partner and that the account executive managing the account is a Google AdWords Qualified Individual.

Google Certified Partner – When a pay per click, search engine marketing, or search engine optimization company is recognized by Google, Google confirms the business as a Google Certified Partner. Working with a Google Certified Partner, you can be assured that your company is working with professionals who spend at least $10,000 dollars over the last 90 days and has a minimum of one AdWords Qualified Individual.

Google AdWords Qualified Individual – Google AdWords Qualified Individuals demonstrate proficiency with, and thorough understanding of, the Google AdWords advertising platform. To be individually qualified, advertisers must pass both a Google AdWords Fundamentals exam as well as one of the three advanced exams offered by Google. Additionally, the advertiser must agree to the terms and conditions of the program. The advanced exams help to specialize search advertisers into niche pay per click marketing skill areas: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, or Reporting & Analysis.

Bing Ads Accredited Professionals Program

Search advertisers can also be accredited through Bing Ads’ Accredited Professionals program. To become individually certified with Bing, advertisers are required to pass one exam. To become qualified as a company, three of the company’s employees must pass the accreditation exam.

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