Category: Bid/Budget Management

When Target CPA Isn’t Hitting Your Target

One smart bidding strategy to dive into is Target CPA and how, if a campaign is being held back by budget, this automation can actually take a toll on your performance rather than improve it.

The Pros and Cons of PPC Bidding

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Michael Knight and Acquisio’s Nessa Plotkin team up to talk all things bidding, and to share their experience – both powers and struggles – with bidding. You’ll leave with many action items to implement in your PPC accounts.

How to Automate Excel Solver

In this article we’ll go in depth from start to finish covering the concepts and methods step by step. By the end you’ll be able to automate any of your own personal models and scale your analysis.

Automating Bidding with Google Sheets and AdWords Scripts

In this article, we’ll cover setting up an automated bidding system using both Google Sheets and AdWords scripts. Specifically, we’ll utilize the bulk upload functionality to format and post the changes directly to AdWords.