Is your digital marketing team looking for new ways to get more online leads or sales, without spending more on ads? If so, conversion rate optimization might be what you’re looking for.

CRO is a repetitive cycle designed to continually improve user experience & site performance by translating website data into human behavior and adjusting the website based on those human behaviors to increase conversions. 

I’ve compiled 5 of our most recent CRO resources below to help you get started.

All of these resources are free, ungated, and actionable! I’ve listed them in the order that I’d recommend reading them.

The Beginner Guide will help you understand what CRO is, how it works, and why it matters.

The next two blogs will guide you through the components of a great user experience on your site.

The third blog explains why the most common excuses for not doing CRO don’t make sense.

The final resource is a guide that will help you learn the differences between behavior maps, funnel analysis, user feedback, and more. This guide will also help you decide where you should start testing on your site.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization 101: Maximizing The Post-Click Experience [PPC Hero Guide]
  2. Successful Landing Page Components – 2019 PPC Hero Summit Recap [PPC Hero Blog]
  3. CRO: Great UX Isn’t Random Or Coincidental [PPC Hero Blog]
  4. 3 Common Reasons Why Marketers Don’t Invest in Their Post-Click Experience…& Why That’s a Big Mistake [PPC Hero Blog]
  5. The Essential Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Handbook [Hanapin Guide]

I hope you find these resources to be useful as you join the fascinating world of conversion rate optimization!