Our Next Hero Conf 2012 Speaker transcript is from Joanna Lord where she talks about conversion rate optimization.

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Presenter: Good afternoon everybody I hope everyone enjoyed the break out sessions. We’re going to be in this room for the remainder of the afternoon together so everybody get comfortable. Quick announcement before I actually let Joanna stand up from where she’s already standing. I just wanted to let everybody know that there are notecards on all of your tables and those are actually going to be used for our Q and A session. It’s going to be the last session of the afternoon. So, if you guys have questions that you’re thinking of that you’d like to ask the panel at later in the afternoon, just write your questions on those notecards and we’ll be collecting those later during the break. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce Joanna Lord. She is the director of customer acquisition and retention at SEOmoz. Which is a leading SEO software company out of Seattle, Washington, in case you weren’t aware. While she currently heads SEOmoz life cycle marketing efforts for SEOmoz’s 15,000 member customer base, she’s also a well-known social media enthusiast and frequent conference speaker. Her diverse experience in data analysis, performance marketing, inbound marketing and retention programs enable her to provide tactical strategies that work. So, everybody, welcome Joanna.

Joanna: All right, let’s see. We’re good here. I’m gonna move around a little bit. I’m not very good at staying still. I’m gonna try to cover the full room, this could get really crazy. I’m here to talk about the new CRO. So, who was in the last landing page authorization panel audit cygram? That was a really good time. Thanks to everyone who put up their sites and asked for feedback. I think landing page optimization and conversion re-optimization go hand in hand obviously. As paid search marketers, we’re …

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