PPC Hero - Landing Page Doctor

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re sick.  The same goes for that brick in your stomach after discovering your landing page conversion rates have plummeted.  Either way, you have a job to do.  Seek out a cure, a PPC panacea, anything to turn things around and make you feel better.  We’re not medical professionals, so we won’t offer any cold remedies.  But we are PPC professionals, and this is our 5 day landing page series – a cure for low conversion rates.

When talking about landing pages, there are a million and one things you can tweak, optimize and otherwise test to improve performance.  Because of this fact, we have set out to find what landing page components really matter to PPC professionals when conversion rates are a concern.  About a month ago, we asked our faithful readers what landing page changes drive the most conversions for them.  We had a great response with 110 respondents!  Here are the results of that survey:

Landing Page Component % of “Most Important Votes”
Call-to-Action 25.61%
Headline 24.39%
Overall Design 17.07%
Lead Form or Checkout Process 13.41%
Layout 10.98%
Body Content 8.54%

In a first-ever for PPC Hero, we have tailored our new blog series to the results of this survey.  We’ll be covering the top 5 landing page conversion factors in our posts throughout next week.  To book-end the series, we’ll finish with a brand new landing page critique podcast putting it all together.

Monday: Discover 5 Landing Page Design Changes that Build Authority and Boost Conversions

Tuesday: Why a Simple Contact Form & Strong Call to Action Can Increase Your Conversions

Wednesday: Using the Same Landing Page In Google and Yahoo May Be Hindering Your Campaign

Thursday: Don’t Make This Mistake! How Your Landing Page Headline May Be Driving Customers Away

Friday: PPC Hero Landing Page Critique Podcast: 411 Tax Relief