When it comes to integrated marketing campaigns, there are about three brain-fulls of questions you need to be thinking about. How do you make sure you’re getting the right information? Are you measuring the right things? How should I be reporting the metrics that come from different channels? How does it all work together? If you and your agency (or agencies – you and your client) aren’t asking the right questions, you could be heading down the wrong road.

To save you from having to backtrack and restart, in this webinar HubSpot’s Josh Chang and Hanapin’s Carrie Albright will show you what questions you should be asking your agency (and what they should be asking you) in each step of your campaign planning, and troubleshooting tips for working together in integrated marketing campaigns.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The questions you need to be asking your agency (and what questions they should be asking you)
  • How to look at the right KPIs when working across channels
  • How to know if you’re heading in the wrong direction, and how to get back on track