If you haven’t noticed, chatbots are all the rage. And for good reason! Chatbots can engage your audience and give them the attention they deserve without you having to personally spend all of your time answering chats. But they can be intimidating when it comes to the PPC side of things. How do you draw your user to engage with the chatbot in the first place, and then how can you optimize it so that your user has the best experience and is more likely to convert?

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Kelly Pollock and MobileMonkey’s Larry Kim team up to lead you through every step of the process to create powerful chatbots. From using PPC strategies to lead your user to the landing page with your bot, to using your bot to help your user convert, they’ll provide you with best practices for each step of the journey.

You’ll learn:

  • Practical PPC strategies to increase users to your landing page
  • How to easily build your bots to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing
  • Chatbot marketing best practices
  • Pro tips to keep in mind when setting up and using your bot for seamless conversions