Pay-per-click brand campaigns have many benefits for advertisers. The messaging can be controlled and they also provide a great way to increase customer engagement. Brand campaigns can be rolled out on a strategic schedule driving to interactive landing pages that tell a story and persuade audiences. These purchase decisions also tend to be more emotional vs. rational for users, so a big impact can be made for brand campaigns by utilizing the power of storytelling.

Throughout the month of November, we’ll review easy ways to measure the value of branded campaigns.

Search Query Reports

One easy place to begin measuring branded traffic is to look at a search query report. A search query report on branded traffic may already match your search terms. This can happen when the brand name is closely tied to one of the core product lines on the site. However, if the brand sells more products than the core product it is best to isolate the terms into a distinct brand campaign, for the purpose of measurement alone.

The next key performance measurement is going to be conversions. Most advertisers want to know that the new branded campaign is driving additional conversions above and beyond the conversions that would have resulted from direct and organic searches. This is where AdWords Search Funnel metrics as well as Google Analytics Multi-Channel Reports can be of use.

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