It's Not a Circus, it's an Excel Extravaganza!

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Are you ready for a week that’s Excel everything???

This week, we’re celebrating the program that is the peanut butter to grape jelly, the cheese to macaroni, and the…ok, you get it 🙂 Excel is an essential tool in any PPC marketer’s life and since we live and breathe PPC, we’re doing a week focused on the tools and functions available in Excel that can make your life easier and more efficient.

We’ll be doing 3 actionable webinars with some of Hanapin’s own PPC Heroes and you’ll get some valuable resources you can download in each.


All you have to do is attend one of the webinars (or all three for 3 chances!) and you’ll be entered to win a ticket. We’ll draw a name after each webinar and the lucky winner will be emailed that day. Never heard of Hero Conf? That’s ok, you should definitely check it out though:

The Webinars

In these three webinars, Hanapin experts will offer up tools and functions that can make your job easier and more efficient. They will go through how different variables will impact your outcome, different things you can do with pivot tables, and using excel functions to beat automated bidding.

Here’s the agenda:

3 Tools That Help You Do What-If Analyses in Excel

Presented by Jacob Fairclough and Mark Ferree

Tuesday, December 5th at 1 pm EST

4 Things You Need to Know About Pivot Tables

Presented by Danielle Gonzales and Diane Chelius

Wednesday, December 6th at 1 pm EST

How to Beat Automated Bidding with Excel

Presented by Alaina Thompson and Lara Lowery

Thursday, December 7th at 1 pm EST

Can’t make one of the webinars? No problem! We will be recording all the sessions and will send the recordings and slides out to all registrants via email, once Excel Extravaganza is over. So even if you can’t make the live webinars, register anyways and watch it on demand later!

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