The holiday season is in motion and the influx of advertisers on Facebook has begun. This influx makes ad space very competitive, so here are some tips to make it a successful season.

Use campaign budget optimization to increase efficiency

Use campaign budget optimization (CBO) to maximize delivery and decrease total cost per result across all ad sets. While CBO can’t increase delivery for ad sets that are already underdelivering, it will ensure the campaign budget spends as much as possible across all of the available ad sets and saves time otherwise spent manually optimizing budgets.

Use automated rules

Automated rules are a great way to save you time and increase your efficiencies 24/7. You can pause/resume ads with them, you can control frequencies with them, you can raise/lower budgets based on ROAS or CPA. Also, these are now available to be used with campaign budget optimization.

Opt into at least 4+ placements on every ad set

This is going to be a strong tactic to maintain stability and avoid the competitive nature of IG/FB feed. Also, a great way to reach a larger audience and allow for the delivery system to find the person most likely to convert, despite what setting they are currently in.

Allow for Additional Ad Approval Time

There will be an influx of ads going live during the holidays. In order to avoid a delay in launch try to get any ads up early.

Lead Gen: Focus on remarketing during the holidays

Facebook and Instagram are going to be flooded with ecom advertisers during the holidays. If you are concerned about rising costs/CPAs, an effective tactic is to focus on remarketing during the holidays. This is going to help keep your accounts cost-effective. Until then push your prospecting lists to drive traffic for your remarketing funnel.

Ecom: Utilize dynamic ads/catalogs/shopping feeds

Dynamic remarketing is a great tactic to utilize year-round, but you can also dynamically prospect as well and this is going to be the most effective way to advertise your client’s products during the holidays.

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