For those who haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day is October 13-14th this year.

That means eCommerce marketers have about eleven more days to prepare.

That said, I wanted to share some of our latest and greatest Amazon resources to help you ensure that you’re ready for what’s sure to be a hectic (and hopefully successful!) couple of days for your brand.

How To Lower Your Amazon Marketing ACoS

In this post, Sr. Account Strategist Tanner Schroeder highlights recommendations for accounts reporting increases in ACoS. If you are reporting an improved ACoS and additional revenue, then continue your current strategies to maintain your market share.

The Guide To Starting Amazon Ads

This guide is written for beginners. However, for experienced advertisers who are requesting extra help from your team to manage the chaos of Q4, this is a great guide to pass along. Help your team learn the basics of Amazon, since it operates quite different from the other ad platforms that your team may be accustomed to.

The Amazon Table is Open. Place Your Bets!

This blog highlights some of the key takeaways from Innovell’s most recent Amazon Marketing Report. Innovell interviewed around 25 professional Amazon players; Amazon marketing experts, Sellers, Vendors, technology providers, powerful agencies and also a new breed of agencies, fully dedicated to the game.  The learnings are very relevant to Q4!

The Grind! How To Rank Higher On Amazon

This post helps you think about ranking on Amazon by optimizing 5 key areas:

  1. Organic
  2. PPC
  3. CRO
  4. Outside Referrals
  5. Sales