Have you been having a rough time tracking your calls that come in from your Google AdWords advertisements? Or have you been able to track the amount of calls that came through the AdWords ad to website path through another source, but it only tracks the amount of calls and not what keyword or ad the call came from?

PPC Phone Calls

Conversion tracking when someone calls the website number after clicking an ad has seemed to be an issue for many advertisers. However, AdWords has come out with website call conversions to help in this area.

Let’s say that your company is already using call tracking, but just to see calls that came from AdWords ads. You know what the customer bought through that call, however you do not know if that customer came through a Brand keyword or a Non-Brand keyword. This feature will help you know exactly where the call conversion came from so that you can optimize your keywords and ads appropriately.

The capability of assigning different values depending on where the call came from on the website is available through AdWords. For example, if your company values calls from a specific product page more than a call from the home page, you can put different values on your calls from each of these pages.

Flexible bid strategies are now available for call conversions as well. As you can target a certain CPA or ROAS and calls from the website will now be included.

The tracking works by supplying a Google forwarding number once an ad is clicked. Google forwarding numbers are limited to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia for now.

This sounds pretty simple right? The implementation process at first looks to be very similar to the regular conversion process. A nice little two step, get the code and paste the code process.

Website Call Conversions Steps

However, open up Step 2 and you will see the following:

Call Conversion Details

As you can see, the implementation of the code in the back-end is a more complicated process than for regular conversions. This may take a developer to implement.

Not to mention, many organizations have struggled with call forwarding features, and the Twitterverse has taken note and has shown some concern.

Tweet on Call Conversions

Some Adwords users have had issues with Google call tracking through call extensions before this recent launch of web site call conversions.

AdWords Call Tweet

The article the tweet above refers to was brought to you by The SEM Post.

With all this being said, this new conversion tracking tool can still help your business track more conversions down to the keyword or ad. If you already have a reliable call tracking system that gets you this information, we recommend you stick with your current process. However, if your current process is not reliable, does not get you data down to the keyword, or if you do not have a process to track calls at all I recommend looking into website call conversion tracking on AdWords.

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