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PPC Hero Morning Clicks

Hey, alright! Google finally introduced website click-to-call conversion tracking. [PPC HeroInside AdWords]

It’s a prudent marketer who learns from who looks outside their home industry for strategic insight. [Advertising Age]

Doing E-Commerce in China? You don’t want to miss these quick tips. [Advertising Age]

Major corporations love plastering their brand on the vastly reaching winds of social media. Why? Well…they’re not exactly sure. [eMarketer]

I guess we can file “clicking on mobile ads” under “things that consumers don’t do”.  [eMarketer]

As PPC professionals, it’s easy to take Microsoft Excel for granted. How refreshing is it to see these feats of creativity inside the normally data-cascading cells of Excel? [Mashable]

The Latest From PPC Hero:

Senior Account Manager Eric Couch explains why we test PPC ads.

Associate Director of Paid Search Sam Owen delves into the true consequences of Google’s decisions to require close variant matching.

Matt Umbro, Senior Account Manager, advises prospective agency clients that they should expect accountability from their PPC champions.

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