Google Analytics Now Offers Display Targeting Reports

By Jacob Brown | @jakebrownppc | Sr. Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

Have you been wondering what has typically been happening when a user clicks your display ad and doesn’t convert? The data is now available to you. Google recently launched a new Display Targeting report in Google Analytics.

This report can be found in the Google Analytics interface in the “Acquisition” category under “AdWords”. As advertisers know, the Display Network allows users to use a load of options to target. The majority of these targeting options are now available for analysis in Google Analytics. These options available include:

  • Display Keywords
  • Placements
  • Topics
  • Interests & Remarketing
  • Gender
  • Age

This new tool in Google Analytics will allow advertisers to better optimize Display campaigns in Google AdWords. Being able to see analytical data that shows the behavior of your Display Network customers allows marketers to optimize their account based on more than just conversion or click data. Behaviors after the click such as bounce rates or pages per session will show advertisers which keywords, placements, topics, or groups have potential and which have very limited potential.

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