Google Introduces Bulk Changes in Shopping Campaigns

By Kevin Klein | @kkwrites | Former PPC Hero

Hey you. Yeah, you! It’d behoove you to upgrade your PLA campaigns to Google Shopping campaigns. Why? Because Google is retiring the legacy PLA format in under eight weeks.

According to Google, the early returns are in on the Shopping campaigns:

“Advertisers who’ve upgraded like FarfetchUS MattressLiBoutique and ValuePetSupplies are seeing great success thanks to the retail-centric interface, item-level reporting and competitive benchmark data.”

— Inside Adwords, 7/15

Google identifies two new tools that will help account managers optimize their bids in these Shopping campaigns.

Bulk Uploads


Much like a keyword report, product group reports are now available for download, enabling importable edits to Max CPCs and destination URLs across the campaign.

AdWords Editor


Although you can’t currently create Shopping campaigns or product groups in the AdWords Editor, you can edit bids and destination URLs. But you already knew that.

Here are a few videos to help you get started:

 (featured image by Marité Toledo/Flickr)

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