Today Google introduced product ratings on Product Listing Ads.

So what exactly does that mean?

A 5-star rating system will be implemented, providing a graphical ranking system and review count of your product, on your PLA. Google released the following image of the new feature out in the wild:

Google asserts that in their initial rounds of testing, the implementation of this highly visible rating system improved click-through-rates.

Presently, these ratings are available to any merchants targeting inside the United States, and who are amenable to sharing the entirety of their product review content with Google.

Grace Period


Google is offering merchants a grace period from late July through October 2014 in order to share their review content. During the duration of this period, product ratings will be allowed to show across PLAs with available review data.

Once the grace period concludes, ratings will show only for products from merchants who have opted to share review information with Google.

If this functionality interests you, board the review-sharing train by completing Google’s product ratings form. Be aware that Google is expecting this feature to be popular, and requests your patience while they absorb the volume from the initial launch.

(featured image by Sweetie187/Flickr)