Brand recognition and better sales rates are directly dependant on organic and paid search results. Organic search results could be greatly improved with on-page and off-page SEO, specifically by gaining organic backlinks. Meanwhile, paid search results depend on the PPC ranking on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Even though there is no direct interconnection between paid and organic search, PPC ranking may greatly reinforce SEO efforts.

Organic search vs paid search in 2021

Before getting into detail about the connection between the organic and paid search, it is worth getting to know more about each concept. This helps to clearly understand how each of the tactics works and what outcomes it’s expected to bring.

Paid search

This marketing approach is usually used with search engines and social media platforms for placing ads. Paid search is also associated with PPC ranking that is based on the pay-per-click model. It means that businesses pay each time a user clicks on the ad appearing in the list of paid search results.

Marketers aim to implement paid search in their campaigns as it is pretty effective and shows results practically immediately. The ads with appropriate bids and corresponding keywords that match a search intent appear in paid search results always above the organic ones. That way users notice those advertisements prior to exploring the organic search results.

The paid search model is very attractive for businesses as it has the full potential to increase brand awareness and boost sales. However, a considerable financial investment in paid search campaign is obligatorily needed to achieve these results.

Organic search

Compared to paid search, the result of the SEO efforts for gaining organic traffic on Google is not that fast. Even when implementing quality SEO strategies for getting the website higher in organic search results listings, the effect might get noticeable only in a few weeks.

It takes some time for search engines to crawl your website, analyze its content, and explore relations with other domains on the web. That is why the website ranking reaches top positions only after some time.

Very often webmasters refer to link building for accelerating the process of lifting the website up on the search results page. They refer to Google’s natural backlinks as a reliable way of enhancing the website’s reputation. When other websites link back to yours, it means much for search engines as they consider your online resource as credible and reliable.

While the question of how to easily get those backlinks appears, there is already an answer to it. Referring to the backlink service (read more here about it) is an effective solution. This service collaborates with lots of online services and platforms that would gladly paste your link on their website. This takes weight out off your shoulders as you will not have to spend hundreds of hours searching online services that would be interested in linking back to your website.

The effectiveness of organic and paid search results

To comprehend whether links from paid advertisements can be considered organic, it is also worth exploring what results are expected from paid and organic search campaigns. Both paid and organic search intents are aimed at bringing more visitors and increasing conversion rates. However, there are also differences between attracting website visitors within the paid and organic search campaigns.

The effectiveness of gaining organic backlinks and boosting traffic naturally is considered to be long-term. Once you start gaining backlinks and continuously maintain on-page SEO, the website ranking starts to gradually improve. When your website reaches desired ranking on Google in organic search listings, it brings stable organic traffic and requires minimum investments.

When it comes to paid search advertisements, those are usually short-term campaigns as those require considerable financial resources. Paid search is expected to result in higher conversion rates and higher sales rates.

PPC Ranking impact on organic backlinks

“It is sometimes believed that clicking on a PPC advertisement is one of the examples of organic backlinks. In fact, that is not true as the link from the PPC advertisement is not supposed to improve organic rankings directly. However, PPC ranking still has a huge impact on organic traffic and organic backlinks”, says Willian Grey, PPC ads specialist from Photo Retouching Services.

The statistics on organic and paid search results are tightly interconnected. It means that paid search analytics can be used to elaborate on SEO strategies and marketing campaigns. Data gathered within the paid search campaign can tell more about user demographics and shed light on how selected keywords perform. Thus, the keyword conversion data can be used to update website pages so that they also appear more frequently on search results listings.

Another benefit of PPC ranking for marketing campaigns is that it contributes to the generation of organic backlinks. As PPC advertisements tend to enhance the website visibility on Google, more people are likely to see it. There will likely be bloggers and webmasters who would want to insert the link to your website on their resources in case they find the information useful on your website.

Along with the contribution to the creation of natural backlinks, PPC ads also make brand awareness prosper. As the PPC ads appear above organic search results and are always visible to online visitors, they will likely get to know your brand faster.