Google recently announced improvements to Display Network Interest category marketing, adding more specific categories and taking away less detailed ones.

Starting in 2009, Interest category marketing has connected with people across the Display Network based on their interests. Since then, new and more powerful interest-based capabilities have been added such affinity, custom affinity and in-market audiences.

As these more refined audience tools offer advertisers more flexibility and control, “Other interests” will no longer be a targeting option for new and existing audience campaigns starting on January 15, 2015.


If you currently have campaigns that target “Other interests,” they will continue to run until June 2015. After that, they will be automatically upgraded to one of these options:

  • Affinity audiences – For brand awareness
  • Custom affinity audiences – For consideration with niche audiences
  • In-market audiences – For shoppers ready to make a purchase

Make sure to review your settings.