Hero Conf Tackles Conversion, and You’re Invited!

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

When you get so many PPC Heroes together in one place, things are bound to get interesting. Hero Conf 2014 in Austin was incredible and we’re still reeling from the overwhelmingly positive response. We’ve decided to channel that energy into something amazing. We’re so excited to announce a brand new event from Hanapin Marketing: An intimate Hero Conf-style summit, specifically designed with conversion in mind.



Hero Conf Conversion Summit will be held October 14-15 at the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. It will provide the deep, actionable education you’ve come to expect from the Hero Conf brand, with a focus on a topic guaranteed to provide huge impact. And with a new type of event, comes some fun new features like:

  • An amazing location: As you know, Hero Conf events are not your average conference. And they never will be. Hero Conf Conversion Summit will be at the gorgeous NCAA Hall of Champions — An organization that’s definitely familiar with taking action.
  • A deliberately intimate event: Our flagship Hero Conf event is growing — a lot of people like that, but some don’t. That’s why our summits are deliberately designed to be intimate, focused, high-value events.
  • The phenomenal content you’re used to: You’ve come to expect actionable content from high-energy experts, personalized knowledge from 1-on-1 workshops, and cutting-edge insights from industry leaders. And we haven’t changed that a bit.

Speaking of the content…


We made some pretty drastic changes to the traditional conference structure. Hero Conf Conversion Summit will be organized to provide you with the opportunity to tailor your day according to your needs. Expect practical tips and techniques you can put to use right away, divided between the two halves of conversion rate optimization: Science and Magic.   Most importantly, Hero Conf Conversion Summit will provide the same experience Hero Conf is known for. You can expect nonstop networking, exciting entertainment and expert takeaways around every corner. Registration is now open!

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