Google for Jobs is a new initiative launched by Google allowing users to receive job search results directly on the Google Search page. A separate box appears after PPC results and before organic results solely containing job search results pertaining to the search query the user typed in. The results are jobs pulled in from third party job posting sites and company job postings from their own website.

Google for Jobs results near Bloomington, IN

Google for Jobs has many filter options to narrow the search results based on: job title, city, date posted, type of job (full/part-time), company type, and employer. Clicking on a job will take the user to the full listing which details the job and may show employer reviews and a map if available. There is also an option to save the job search and return to it later. Google for Jobs is only available in the United States and in English currently.

Hanapin Marketing jobs found in Google for Jobs

How Does This Affect Me?

Job Searchers

Things are looking up for job seekers with Google for Jobs. This will make it easier than ever to search jobs directly from Google Search and get results from a broad range of websites without the need to click around to different websites. Also, Google is requiring job postings to be very thorough in order to rank so job seekers will have more information at their disposal and eliminate wasted time applying for jobs that aren’t a fit. However, keep in mind, this is not a full service job application site, so Google will not store your resume and you still have to visit the initial job posting site to apply.

Third-party job search websites

Job search websites will be eligible to show in Google for Jobs, provided they integrate with Google and meet the posting guidelines and back-end requirements. These sites will still be competing with other job search sites, but they now have the opportunity to gain new users through a different avenue. That being said, if they are not up to par on their job posting thoroughness, they may lose a user to a competitor through Google for Jobs. The rankings are decided based on Google’s guidelines and how complete the job posting is, so there is no monetary leg up.


Companies posting their jobs on their own website have the potential to show up in Google for Jobs, alongside third party job search sites. This increases the chances of being discovered and allows access to a wider network of potential hires. They would also be able to keep the data by viewing job search analytics via Google Search Console.

The back-end of getting their job postings eligible to show on Google for Jobs may be a little daunting depending on company resources, but if they are capable, this would open new doors and reduce or eliminate the need to pay to post jobs on third party sites.


Upon hearing about Google for Jobs, my first thought was, “how does this affect my clients?” For clients running PPC for job openings, clients that are a third party job search site, or clients that are a job placement company there are a few things to start thinking about.

Even though the job search results appear below the paid results, Google does a great job aesthetically displaying the job search results, which catches the eye more so than the paid ads. This presentation may lead to users scrolling directly past the PPC ads. In order to prevent ads being overlooked, first thing, I would go back to some basics and ensure that I have full ad extension coverage and taking up as much space on the page as possible.

Something else to consider is the messaging in the ad. Generally, it’s wise to put the most important message in the headline because users don’t always read the description and that applies even more so in this situation. The ad copy may also need to be more targeted to deliver a message that is more relevant to the user to catch their attention. One way to accomplish this would be by testing dynamic keyword insertion.

On a more positive note, if a client is meeting Google for Jobs guidelines, they can have double exposure, showing both the PPC ad and the job listing and only paying for one. Being in the job listings would also open up the potential for new websites users which can then in turn be used to beef up RLSA and remarketing efforts. To end on a positive note as well, ranking in the job listings would provide additional brand exposure since the listing incorporates a company logo. Take for example this Airbnb listing:

Airbnb job posting in Google for Jobs