Establishing a good relationship with your Google and Yahoo representative is essential in the overall success of your PPC campaigns. Why you may ask? I have a cordial relationship with all of my reps at Google AdWords and Yahoo.

I know that many advertisers may not even have a Google or Yahoo rep. to even try and gain a good relationship with. According to my Google rep, they have specific agency reps (The National Agency Team) for paid search agencies in which they are able to handle clients who have multiple accounts.

Then they have vertical specific teams that handle clients that are not an agency, but can still get a dedicated rep for retail and health care verticals just as an example. For beginners, Google also has what they call a jumpstart program where Google will set up new advertisers PPC campaigns and get 90 days of a dedicated Google rep as long as they’re spending $6,000 each month.

She also mentions that Google reps make a list of prospective clients who have interest in obtaining a dedicated rep.

When they add team members and are ready to take on additional clients, they check out the list and choose the accounts that would benefit most from our service. For example, if we know a client is looking for help building out campaigns and growing their business, we’d consider that high-potential.

says my Google rep.

If you think you would like to have a dedicated rep you can always email Google at to be considered.

For a dedicated rep on the Yahoo side, here’s what my rep had to say,

Gaining access to a dedicated account rep at Yahoo! is determined on a case by case basis. Some of the determining factors is spend, size of account, etc. Unfortunately I cannot give exact numbers.

If you’d like to request a dedicated Yahoo rep. you can email or call the customer service line and request one be assigned to you. Just remember that it is up to the Yahoo upper management and other factors on whether or not you get one!

Below I have listed just a few bonuses of having a good relationship your Google & MSN reps.

Quick phone call and email returns

If there is anything wrong with an account or I need an answer immediately, my reps are always right there to help immediately. They always manage to return my phone call or emails with an answer rather quickly.

Familiarity with account information

If I have a question about a specific account, my reps are already familiar with my account and what has been done in the past. Therefore they can give us great constructive advice on what may need to be done next to take our accounts to the next level. We don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining to a new rep. what’s going on in order for them to help us.

Get notifications of new beta tests before others

As an agency we get weekly newsletters of upcoming beta tests and other new features Google is expecting to release. This is helpful because we know when new things are coming and get notices of changes like the Google Adwords URL display change.

Get included on beta tests

We have specifically asked to be included on any beta tests. Our Google rep typically emails us directly to let us know when and how to become a part of a new beta. Google optimizer and automatic matching are just a few.

Get account special features faster, easier

In Yahoo in order to receive the import feature you must have your account open for a few month. However all we have to do is email our account rep and have him install the feature as soon as we open the account. This allows for quicker uploads into yahoo from Google. Get tips on how to upload your Google campaigns into Yahoo with their import feature.

Set up monthly calls for help on particular accounts

We have the ability with Google to set up monthly call to discuss details of a particular PPC account or any new features Google has released that we have questions on or need help with.

Personalized optimizations for accounts

Many times have we submitted a particular account or a campaign to Google to have their specialists optimize for us rather than using the optimizer tools they have in the interface that is run by a computer, ours are run by people!

Quick access to Google analytics specialists

Any time we have a question about analytics, our Google reps refers us to their analytics specialists. Currently, they do not have a specific number to reach an analytics specialist.

For those of you who don’t have a dedicated Google or Yahoo rep, use the advice in this post to try and obtain one, they are most helpful.As with any company, the more money you spend the more likely you are to getting ‘special treatment’. Just something to keep in mind!