Last week we touched upon how to use PPC for Email Marketing. Today we’re going to discuss how PPC can help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

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PPC campaigns can help determine which keywords are highly searched and which keywords are driving conversions (sales/leads). You’ll also derive what kind of messaging from ad copy testing is the most compelling to users.

All of this valuable information can then be used to develop your natural search optimization strategy. Instead of guessing which keywords and phrases will work and drive sales, you’ll have actual dollar signs attached to keywords through your paid search efforts. Extracting key insights from PPC efforts and incorporating them into your SEO strategies is a vital starting point.

Organic search algorithms are equally concerned with relevancy similar to paid search, and while there’s nothing as clear an indicator for SEO as there is for PPC (Quality Scores), you can use the same principles. Search engines want to see pages with similar keywords and term variations, which show organization and relevancy.

Quick Tip:

  • Create hierarchies of keyword groups similar to those used for your PPC campaigns and create a landing page specific to category. Next, segment your site according to what was successful in your PPC efforts.

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