You take all this time to create data visualizations, but the story is still not coming across. You spend hours fabricating elaborate charts and graphs, yet in presentations you’re still grilled with questions from your CMO. Sound familiar? We know the practice of data visualization can be super challenging, and we want to make it easier and more efficient for you.


Join Bing’s Purna Virji and Hanapin’s Alaina Thompson as they walk you through tips to save time, improve efficiency, and create lasting and memorable data visualizations. We’re talking beautiful and clear masterpieces that your CMO will hang on the fridge (well, maybe not. But those visualizations won’t leave their minds).


You’ll learn:

  • How to connect data together to see holistic trends
  • Best practices to help you improve efficiency overall
  • Fantastic visualizations you didn’t know you could pull
  • How Microsoft Power BI can help you and how to use it