When you’re in the weeds every day, there’s a major temptation to walk into your CMO’s office and spend 5 hours trying to explain all the different analytics you’ve been poring over to come to a solution. But we all know that never goes over well. Your CMO doesn’t want to hear the background fluff, nor does he or she have time. So how do you make your case in a clear and concise way, while blowing them away with impressive numbers?

In this new live webinar, Jeffalytics’ own Jeff Sauer and Hanapin’s Kristin Vick will provide you with some quick and effective ways to weed out important numbers and present them impactfully to your CMO.

You’ll get expert PPC tips like:

  • How to efficiently show your CMO if what you’re doing is working
  • How to use analytics to make your case and calm them down
  • Which specific analytics you NEED to share with your CMO

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Jeff Sauer                               Kristin Vick