Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming, if you want to capitalize on holiday revenue, now is the time to ramp up your website and in-store promotions to drive sales and capitalize on extra holiday revenue. As part of our holiday shopping blog series, today we’ll discuss some tips on how to bring together your online and offline seasonal promotions.

With so much talk about the current state of our economy, now is the time of year when shoppers online start bargain hunting!   Let’s face it, there are those people who love to get out in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping season, waiting at that retail store and fighting their way to the “deal of the day.”  Then, there are those of us who like to sit back in our jammies and shop from home.   One thing is for sure, regardless of how we shop during the holidays, we’re all looking for a great deal.

What can you do to entice more people to shop your online or brick & mortar store?  Sales, coupons and Promo Codes!  Take it from this seasoned online shopper, I do almost all of my holiday shopping online and I’m always hunting for a sale, coupon code or discount.

Make it easy for the novice and seasoned online shopper, put coupons on your website that can be redeemed with an online order or printed out and taken in-store for purchases there.

Or go one step further and publish your coupon and promo codes on popular sites like,, or  These sites compile searchable lists of retailer discount offers, promo codes and sales.  By adding your promotional offer to one or more of these sites, you can reach out to audiences who may have never shopped with you before or to consumers who have shopped your site and are looking for information about discounts or sales you’re offering.

A great way to increase sales is to offer a tiered discount based on the total of the sale.  Example, “Save $25.00 on a $75.00+ purchase, save $50.00 on the purchase of $150.00+ and save $75.00 on the purchase of $250.00 or more.”  Encourage your shopper to go for the biggest discount by spending more in your store!

There’s always the ever popular “free shipping” offer.  This can attract new customers or invite customers back who haven’t purchased from your store in several months to come online and buy something without the expense of shipping charges.  The LA Times recently reported that 80% of consumers surveyed said they were more likely to shop online with a retailer that offers free shipping.  That number is up from 60% surveyed last year!  Don’t under estimate the power of free shipping!

Another way to increase sales is to reach out to your repeat customers.  Send a promotional email or postcard to your most loyal customers; offer them a percentage off their next order.  Make your existing customers feel special and they will reward you with additional purchases.  Go the extra step to encourage another purchase before the season is over and offer a discount code in the emails you send to confirm an order or hand out coupons at your cash registers that can be used either online or in-store.

Are you thinking about launching your promotions effective the day after Thanksgiving?  Why wait?’s 2008 Holiday Strategy and Planning Guide suggests offering a “Thanksgiving Day Only Sale”.  “With the 24/7 nature of eCommerce, Thanksgiving Day itself can be a bona fide shopping day for online retailers” the guide says.

Shoppers will be online throughout the holiday season, be sure to keep your promotions fresh and appealing through the holidays.  Customers will be purchasing gifts now through Christmas Eve, and they are surely looking for bargains, so intrigue them and capture their attention with promotions they can use online or bring to your store to redeem.

Happy Shopping!