Conversion rates need to be taken seriously, considering it is the prime indicator if your online profile engages and convinces the audience to use your products or services. A high conversion rate signifies a successful online presence and marketing strategy, essential for all modern-day businesses. 

What is a good conversion rate?

On average, a conversion rate can range between 2-4%, which is a reasonable figure. Still, there is always room for improvement, and with some clever website optimization, your conversion rate can rise above 10% to take your business from sustainable to successful. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that many sites sit around a 0.1-0.2% conversion rate that calls for emergency optimization and web page transformation. Considering that less than 25% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate, it is essential to know how to optimize your website. Here are some ways to immediately improve your conversion rate and ensure your online business is a success.

How to improve your conversion rate optimization

1. Boosting your website to increase your traffic and conversion 

SEO strategies

SEO tools that improve your ranking in search engines will give you a larger audience to entice. Improving your quantity, and as importantly, the quality of online traffic will guarantee conversion rate growth. People commence their online product and service exploration on search engines, so understandably the more exposure to your site, the better results for your business.

A/B testing

Continuous testing is critical to your conversion rate to find the most appealing online presence for customers. Achieving the right mix that utilizes creativity and content while managing and reducing risks to maximizing opportunity is the main focus when optimizing. Using A/B testing software can test two versions of your webpage to see which draws a better conversion rate. It could essentially be the difference between a struggling business and a prosperous business. 

Monitor your online brand

Your business brand is your identity, and it is important to monitor your online brand and analyze the valuable data to improve business, traffic and conversion rate. This can open avenues to attract audiences that were not your initial target, or it can reinforce your market strategy with evidence of your growth.

2. Adding features to your website to make an immediate impact conversion rates

Add a pop-up to the landing page

Pop-ups have proven to raise the conversion rate on websites if used correctly. With 30 second delays, easy to close windows and cookies set to only initiate pop-ups once per visit, the pop-up can help lift your conversion rate without annoyance and complaints.

Add reviews and trusted logos

Very rarely does a consumer want to be the first user of a product or service. Therefore displaying reviews verifying client satisfaction is an excellent way to give consumer’s confidence, which will lead to better conversion rates. Adding trusted logos that have been business clients is also a great way to reduce consumer uncertainty.

Add a live chat

Many online users are unsure whether the service or product is the best option for their needs. Adding a live chat gives you a quick and easy method to convert this indecisive audience and remove their doubt promptly. Live chats are easy to add to any site and are a known conversion booster.

Add third-party sign up services

Keeping things quick and easy is crucial to keep the attention span of a possible client, and long and complex sign up forms can be detrimental to a sale. Adding a third-party sign up service, like Google and Facebook, allows users to use their existing accounts without the fuss of creating a new account which may turn away a client, affecting your conversion rate.

Add a countdown timer and a limited time offer

It is crucial to capitalize on the moment you have the interest of a customer. Increasing the urgency and reducing the window of opportunity will avoid potential backflip and reduce the time for competitor comparisons to be made. Adding a countdown clock is an excellent way to boost conversion, especially when partnered with a limited time offer.

Add a point of purchase upsell

When a customer is at the checkout, it is worth offering them an additional product or service to enhance or complement their original purchase. Experimenting with what customers may add to their shopping basket is required; however, you can simply improve your conversion rate with a single click, as you already have your customer at the point of purchase.

Add a money-back guarantee

Consumers avoid risk and don’t like to invest money in a product or service that is new to them. Adding a money-back guarantee takes away the risk in the mind of the consumer. If your product and service are of quality, there should be little worry about returns issues that can affect your finances or business performance indicators.

3. Removing from your website can help your conversion rate too

Eliminate distractions

You want the potential client to concentrate on what you offer on a concise and easy-to-navigate webpage. All unnecessary distractions and non-essential content should be eliminated. Simplistic optimizations such as headline with subheadings, benefits and features, testimonials and reviews are tried-and-tested winners for a good conversion rate, along with the right mix of visual and written content.

Remove unnecessary forms

Forms can be a conversion killer if there are too many requirements or too many of them. Finding the balance between obtaining critical client information, which is important for market analysis, and making the user experience simple and efficient is important. Removing all unnecessary forms or simplifying contracts will gain your client’s prolonged interest, leading to improved conversion.

Throw away unsuccessful offers

A heavy focus on the landing page design and how to attract clients can sometimes hide the fact that your offer needs to be altered and experimented with. If the conversion rate still does not improve, don’t be scared to throw away the offer and start again. Remember, customer satisfaction is one of the most significant impacts on conversion rates.

Optimize your website for a higher conversion rate today!

By using a mixture of the methods above, you can optimize your website to improve your online traffic and conversion rate today. Experiment, test, monitor, strategize, add and remove until your conversion rate allows your business to flourish into the thriving enterprise you have always dreamed it to be.