When it comes to designing landing pages, everyone thinks they’re an expert on what users want: your marketing team, executives, executive’s wives, IT and graphic designers all truly believe they know exactly how to design a landing page  that meet user’s needs.  The truth is none of these people should solely be designing your landing pages.

You can read a ton of blogs and implement best practices from other companies, but until you ask the user what information they want and how they want it organized, you won’t have a landing that specifically to your target audience. What better way to understand what your users want than to ask them yourself!?Implementing a customer feedback or review system on your website or landing page allows users to tell you want they want, how they want it, and ultimately, what will make them convert more frequently. The point is to get as much insight into what your actual users, and not always blindly follow general best practices and/or so-called experts from your company.

Creating a simple link on your landing page that takes users to a form and asking them a few questions is the simplest way to get user feedback about your site.  Be sure to ask specific questions over more general ones. For example, don’t ask, “How was your experience using our site?” This question is much too open ended and you’re likely to get a one word answer.  Be specific and ask real questions regarding your landing page and website like:

1.       Does our site search function provide relevant results?

2.       Were you able to find the product you were looking for immediately?

3.       What other websites are do you frequently buy from?

4.       Do our pictures of products or descriptions of services provide enough information and detail?

5.       How do our prices fall in-line with other websites?

6.       What is the #1 thing that prevents you from buying today?

7.       Was the checkout process quick or slow to complete?

8.       Did you experience any problems from using our site?

These are just some of the questions you could ask depending on what kind of site you have.  There are companies that can also help assist you through this process like Foresee Results.  They supply a pop-up window when users visit your websites/landing pages and ask them to take a quick survey.  Companies can implement a small promotion and give away $25 in a drawing for submitting a survey as an incentive to get feedback.  You can also email people who have turned into a lead and get feedback on your checkout process.

If you don’t want to use a third party company to help you collect user data, you can get free HTML form code to implement on your site from FormSpring.com.  They offer a free membership with limited form functionality that is super easy to copy and paste the code from their site and implement on your site.

Once you get your results, analyzing the data can not only be super valuable to your company but also entertaining and insightful for future projects.  Take what users complain about most and make that a #1 priority to fix.  Create a list and prioritize it according to how many users gave feedback on it.