Paid search ads at the bottom of Google search results have been seen for several months. Today, Google announced that these new ad placements have been rolled out across their network. When to utilize these new placements will be determined dynamically. So, searchers will not always see ads at the bottom of their results. (At least not yet.)

Here’s what the new ad placements look like:

Ads are now showing at the bottom of google results.

Are There Advantages for this New Placement?

Google claims that these ads perform better than those placed on the side of search results. Their explanation of this is that the new placements fit “better into the user’s flow.” It also provides more available ad space, so it may be easier and cheaper to achieve page one ad positions.

Ad Placement Segment Reporting

The current “Top vs Side” report will now show all side, bottom, and experiment impressions under the “Other” segment. It appears that Google will not further segment between these ad placements, which is unfortunate. Hopefully they will update this quickly so advertisers know what placements work best for them!

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