There’s a common saying that if you enjoy your job you don’t work a day in your life. I am not sure that is entirely true – but I am sure that I chose the correct industry to be able to truly say I enjoy my job.

As a sports nut with an analytical mind, I have spent a fair share of time trying to crack the code on these one-day fantasy sites such as FanDuel. Figuring out averages of individuals, what kind of points opponents have given up to players of each position, then utilizing Excel Solver to come up with the best possible roster based on projections (for sports watchers you probably feel like you just got delivered another FanDuel advertisement in Blog Post form, but I promise you that is not the case). This analysis seems like a waste of time to some – but I do it because I enjoy it.

While doing my latest analysis, I realized something. I get to spend the majority of my time at work doing something I love to do. Digging into data and coming up with creative ways to get ahead of the competition within multiple industries in online advertising is what I do each and every day, and it is not much different from what I do for fun in my spare time. Trial based on past performance seen, seeing the results and testing new methods. Sure there are best practices associated with Paid Search – but the fun part is when you can use creativity to come up with new strategies that will help an account reach goals. But this is not the only thing PPC brings to the table.

In Paid Search, the utilization of analytics and creativity come together and make for an enjoyable puzzle. It is where statistical analysis and creative strategies meet. Do you enjoy English? Do you enjoy Statistics? Do you enjoy Graphic Design? Do you enjoy developing strategy? If you answer yes to any of these questions you have a place in the PPC world, and that is what makes it a great industry to be in.

Working with team members who all have different ways of thinking about projects is a great situation to be in day in and day out. And working with team members who enjoy both the creative and analytical side of the job is what makes the industry so interesting. Choosing just four of the drastically different caps you get to wear when working in the online advertising world was a tough feat – so we kept them fairly broad:

Creative Writer

If you love creative content there is a place for you in PPC. The writing of ad content is often overlooked in the industry, but at the end of the day ad testing based on the audience you are targeting is a huge part of PPC. Not only that, but with CRO, using creativity to connect the messaging of the ad to the messaging of the website is crucial as well. With Facebook, and now Pinterest and Instagram entering the market it has never been more important to have prolific writers on your PPC team in an attempt to catch the eye of your target audience in multiple platforms with words.

Creative Designer

Speaking of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram there is a spot on the team for Creative Image Designers as well. Nothing is more important to the social advertising world than having a creative image that catches the eye of the targeted audience. From there, assuring the alignment of that image to the landing page for the user is crucial. Using creativity to improve the amount of revenue received per impression is a large part of online advertising in the social realm, along with different display networks. Having individuals with a passion for Creative Image Design is crucial for an online advertising team.

Statistical Analyst

Statistical analysis seems to be the cap that many of us wear the most. Analyzing data to move forward with the next ad test, analyzing keyword data to implement bid changes or analyzing the results of new tactics are a few ways a PPCer uses statistical analysis. Almost every tactic involves some sort of statistical analysis and moving forward with next steps.

Strategic Thinker

This aspect of PPC includes both creativity and analysis. Being able to think strategically about how the puzzle gets put together. Based on information X, what should be our next step? What are the goals of this account and based on all the information given what is the best way to reach these goals? As online marketers are put in more situations they have more strategies to pull from their hat. This is the beauty of the industry – you utilize the statistical analysis part of the job, and get creative with by developing new strategies.

Final Thoughts

If you answered “yes” to any of the earlier questions I asked there is a position for you in PPC. If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then PPC is for you. That is what drew me in, and that is what will keep me in the forever-changing industry. You get to where multiple caps, and if you enjoy one over the others you can lead a team in that area. It is what makes the life of us online advertisers: A Wonderful PPC Life.