You’ve seen us advertising our joint webinar with Bing Ads, entitled “5 Reasons You Need To Use Bing Advertising In 2015,” but I want to personally explain why you should attend.

Image of webinar audience

The Evolution of Bing Ads

Though Bing Ads has been an advertising platform for many years, it’s really upped its game over the last couple. Consider these additions and improvements.

  • A new shopping platform with Product Ads
  • Easier migration and integration with Google AdWords
  • Additional ad extensions including sitelinks and call
  • More in-depth keyword research and management tools

Bing Ads is much more initiative than it used to be and continues to release and explore new options. Our webinar on Wednesday, January 28th at 12 PM EST will review these new features and explain why you need to be using them.

One of the major topics we will cover is the Universal Event Tracking (UET) code. Much like the Google Analytics code, advertisers only need to add this one pixel to every page of their site, allowing for easier analytics and conversion tracking. This code also paves the way for future remarketing initiatives, a topic that we will delve further into.

The Webinar Cast

As cohost of the webinar, I’ve seen how much preparation has gone into this event. First off, we have a world-class speaker in Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon. I’ve seen John speak many times and the presence and charisma he brings to his presentations is second to none. John knows the Bing Ads product top to bottom and I guarantee you will learn something new. Any brand would be lucky to have an evangelist like him on the team.

Along with John, core members of the Bing Ads team have helped to put the webinar together. These team members are also out on the forefront promoting the advantages of Bing Ads.

Final Words

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information to wet your appetite. We’re really excited about this webinar and have made sure to provide you with worthwhile content and top-notch speakers. If you haven’t signed up already, make sure to do so today.