[Recording] Making the Call: Call Tracking for PPC

Call Tracking is a handy tool that can help you take your business to the next level. Right now, you may find yourself asking, “How do I know when to use call tracking and when not to?”

Lucky for you, the Heroes at Hanapin and Ifbyphone have an answer for you! This Thursday, one of each company’s best and brightest will discuss all of those things that can help push your business over the edge and even walk you through how to do it! They’ll explain to you who not all call tracking technology is created equal, the importance of integrating call data with Google Analytics and why including phone lead data in Salesforce for accurate measure ROI is important! Learn details about how call tracking works, see an IVR in action and discover how to integrate call extensions with call tracking.

During the webinar, they will provide live explanations of when you need call tracking and when you don’t need it. Angelo Tsakonas and Amanda West-Bookwalter will give you advice on how to use call tracking in a PPC campaign. After a quick introduction, Angelo and Amanda will help you to optimize call tracking on PPC campaigns.

This week’s webinar will focus on how to use call tracking in PPC the way a hero would:

  • How to determine what level of call tracking you need
  • How to give your keywords full credit during optimizations with call tracking data
  • How to turn web conversions into immediate phone conversations
  • How to manage inbound calls to increase conversion rates

View the slides from the presentation here:

And watch the whole thing here: