Have you heard anything about the Facebook IPO this week? Me either. Back to reality now…I haven’t been able to avoid this news in the least. The articles keep rolling in too. My favorite addition today was the Washington Post analyzing how Zuckerberg could be worth more than Google founders Sergei and Larry. Why all the fuss? Saying it’s obvious is a bit of an understatement. This is the most news worthy IPO I can remember in my lifetime. I think the reason it’s so popular is because it’s so personal to me and all the other Facebook users. Facebook has my memories stored in it’s servers. I’m attached to it.

With all of the news surrounding the IPO, the most interesting piece of information in my eyes was the manifesto-type letter Zuckerberg included for investors. In it, he describes his opinion of how Facebook meets the need for information, the impact that his company has had thus far, and his vision for the future. He also includes their Mission and Values. It’s the Facebook values that I’d like to discuss and relate to what we do as PPC pros. I believe their good values to live by.

Focus on Impact

Your PPC efforts are best when focused on the highest priority item. Around Hanapin you’ll hear the phrase “move the needle” frequently. Stay out of the minutia and focus on the biggest challenges; solve the largest problems. If you are always focused on the highest value PPC task, you’ll constantly be improving your accounts and should always be learning something along the way.

Move Fast

PPC is always moving faster than you are but you shouldn’t let leave you in the dust. The more and faster you implement ideas, the quicker you get to an outcome. Nothing in PPC is guaranteed and the only way to progress is through change and testing. Capitalize on new technology now, not later. The faster you move, implement, and adopt the better off your account will be. Create the curve and don’t wait for best practices.

Be Bold

Don’t be fearful of big actions. Some of the highest impact changes I’ve seen on accounts are the big items. In PPC, we too often move things in tiny increments even when we know a brick through the window is in order. Don’t doubt your gut. The longer you spend on an account the more instinctual changes should be. Treat the bold changes the same as the small ones, as a test, and you’ll learn from it no matter what.

Be Open

The largest asset I have as a paid search marketer is the community around me. As I’m sharing this post with you, I’ve read countless articles that you all have created. Neither I or anyone on my team have all the answers and being a part of a community has given me the ability to tackle any challenge. The best thing I can do as an SEM is to share what I learn and be open to learn from others. Here at Hanapin we learn from each other and from the rest of the PPC community on a daily basis. Every day someone is being bold and fast on their accounts in a different way than you are on yours. Sharing that knowledge is the key to new breakthroughs in our industry.

Build Social Value

While I’m sure I could translate this one as well, I think it’s best I leave the Social Value to the social network. Thanks for taking the time to read and please comment about how these values relate to the work you’re doing in PPC.