You optimize your ppc ad copy, you’ve been reading about AI and you’re continuing to pump out high value content. You do all the things any good digital marketer should do.

But, somehow, you’re not getting the results you used to. In the back of your mind, you know why. Competition is fiercer. Audiences are savvier. Between pay to play, machine learning, automation, hyper-targeting and a suspicious amount of digital marketing “gurus” touting the next big thing, getting the results you need can feel like an uphill battle.

Luckily, we can help.

I’m pumped to invite you to Marketing Optimization Week—four days of free online workshops designed to help you future-proof your marketing and get more out of the channels you already use. 

Marketing has gotten a lot harder, and so has finding practical advice that gets real results. Which is why we asked a bunch of bona fide marketing pros to share their tactics and tools for success that you can implement right away. You’ll recognize some Hana-experts – Diane Anselmo and Jeff Baum will have a session on how to beef up your AdWords quality scores!

Plus, when you register you’ll get a chance to win the Ultimate Marketing Optimization Kit, retailing at over $4,000 and including two tickets to Call to Action Conference!

Skip the hundreds of emails and articles and instead join us February 20th – 23rd to learn how to get guaranteed results from your marketing efforts in 2018, and beyond.