With so many paid social options to invest in, it can be hard to understand (and convince to your boss) how your strategy can work across many different channels. How do you customize your creative to each platform, but have a consistent message that carries through? How do you put together a strategy that achieves the same overarching goal, but meets the audience requirements and nuances of each social channel? How can you use search to help your social campaigns? In this webinar, we’ll explain it all.


Paid Social experts Emma Franks from Hanapin and Paul Wicker from AdStage team up in this webinar to dissect the perfect cross-channel paid social strategy for you to save budget and achieve huge results.


You’ll learn:

  • Top performing creative and copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Spotify, Pinterest, and YouTube ads
  • How to use dynamic ads in your strategy
  • Expert UTM strategies for cross-channel measurement
  Following the webinar, we will be hosting a live discussion on our Slack channel. Register for more information on how to join!