With the PPC world growing and evolving by the minute, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments and advanced strategies that are emerging. Gone are the days where accounts simply run on Google and Bing and nowhere else. In today’s PPC world, there is so much more to take advantage of and so many other platforms where a user can learn about your product or service.

For that reason, it’s imperative to educate yourself on the initiatives that your competitors are taking to enhance their visibility in the PPC world and to better understand exactly how their marketing dollars are working for them. Though it’s not always easy to discern which of these advanced opportunities are best for your brand, this PPC Hero Live Summit session will uncover several of them and explain their benefits, as well as how to implement them. Whether it be advanced bidding, native ads or attribution modeling, there is no better time to start thinking about how these initiatives can help bring your marketing to the next level.

What You Can Expect From This Session:

  • How you can leverage your video content into a YouTube campaign that tells a compelling story and enhances your brand.
  • How to develop an attribution model that best highlights what’s contributing to your conversions.
  • Why Dynamic Search and Dynamic Remarketing ads help us reach the right users at the right time – and how to incorporate them into your marketing mix.
  • How Native advertising opportunities can help introduce your brand to a new audience and expand your visibility.
  • How to incorporate some advanced bidding strategies into your marketing efforts.

Sound like something you’d like to hear more about?

If so, please join us on March 16th for the PPC Hero Live Summit where we will share these advanced PPC initiatives and more!