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PPC Hero Morning Clicks

  • Google’s new AdWords policy will finally be in effect this month. What differences will we see? [Search Engine Land]
  • Speaking of difference-makers in Google, Callout Extensions are now available for all to use. [PPC Hero]
  • Want your products showing on popular retail sites such as Wal Mart? Google can help with that. [PPC Hero]
  • Remember all the talk from Morning Clicks a few weeks ago on Bing answering the bell from Google’s close variant rollout on exact match keywords? Bing has now launced close variants for modified Broad keywords, allowing you to use close variants for each word in your query. [Search Engine Watch]
  • Bing Ads also is now offering new Bulk Editing tools so advertisers can get ads out quicker and more efficiently. [Search Engine Watch]
  • With all the talk surrounding Twitter’s purchases of video platforms recently, is it really Facebook who YouTube should be worried about? [Ad Age]
  • Speaking of videos, what else is there to video advertising other than YouTube? [eMarketer]
  • Seems like enough marketing news for the day. Want to go shopping now? You might be able to just log into your Twitter and check the feed. [Ad Age]

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