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PPC Hero Morning Clicks

  • Advertisers are expected to spend how much money on Display advertising? A recent study projects what advertisers are expected to spend in 2019 on display advertising alone. The answer may surprise you. [Ad Week]
  • Speaking of Display Ads. Google AdWords has brought out features to allow advertisers to bust out more mobile-focused ads on the display network. [PPC Hero]
  • Google trying to shut out new competitor Facebook, or was the timing just a coincidence? Either way, access to third party data is getting more limited in Google’s platforms. [Ad Week]
  • Google Shopping campaigns just got a lot easier to update. Automatic item updates are now available for Google Shopping. [PPC Hero]
  • What most would call the biggest news of the week occurred in the Social Media world. As Facebook continued it’s efforts to compete with Google and Yahoo in the advertising world by expanding in mobile advertising. [Tech Crunch, Ad Age]
  • Another powerhouse company trying to keep up with Google. Seems like we’ve heard that song and dance before. What were the lyrics again? You can now find lyrics through Bing search results.  [Search Engine Watch]

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