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PPC Hero Morning Clicks

  • Hey look, you can now spice up your ads on the Google Display Network by integrating HTML5. [Inside Adwords].
  • Obviously, Google’s self interests dictate an enthusiasm for profit-driven marketing. And to encourage would-be investors, they’ve released a guide. [Inside Adwords].
  • Running campaigns for a business-to-business client? Aren’t getting the desired results in your search campaigns? The fine folks over at Advertising Age have some advice. [Advertising Age].
  • Where whiskey and digital marketing intersect (be still my beating heart). [Advertising Age].
  • Is a well-timed, well-placed ad actually more effective than blitzkrieg style brand awareness? [eMarketer].
  • Twitter can be a bit less intuitive than other popular advertising platforms. So the status-updating mogul is launching a training program specifically tailored to digital ad agencies. [Advertising Age].
  • Here’s a nice interview with the Vice President of Indeed, Paul D’Arcy. Marketing is great, but don’t forget about the product you’re campaigning for. [The Guardian].
  • What kind of marketing potential does Snapchat have? [The Guardian].

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