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  • Google wants you to remarket, and they want you to remarket in search, and they’ve released a guide to show you just how to do it. [Inside AdWords]

PPC Hero Morning Clicks

  • And while we’re touting Google’s guides, here’s one on auction-time bidding. [Inside AdWords]
  • Has your eight-year-old taken a shine to digital advertising? Boy, are you in luck! [Advertising Age]
  • Chinese eCommerce worldbeater, Alibaba, sold $9.3 billion worth of merchandise in 24 hours. [Advertising Age]
  • Facebook has given it’s users a bit more freedom over their choice of paid content that shows up in their feeds. [Advertising Age]
  • “Reactvertivising” — the latest made up word in speedy content creation. [Digital Buzz Blog]
  • Ever thought that the basic social functions of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter might vary from country to country? If so, you were right.. [eMarketer]

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