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  • When search marketing, social media, and the biggest sporting event on the planet collide. [Advertising Age]
    PPC Hero Morning Clicks
  • Targeting the Norwegians? You’re probably going to want to turn your attentions to Facebook. [eMarketer]
  • B2B marketers were surveyed back in March, and whaddayknow, they said e-mail marketing automation was their most valuable tool. [eMarketer]
  • More digital advertising dollars are being spent in the United States than ever before! [eMarketer]
  • Hey look, Google put out the latest incarnation of the AdWords Editor. [PPC Hero]
  • And in more semantical news, in AdWords “deleted” status has been recharacterized to “removed”. [PPC Hero]
  • Google also clarified the plausibility of a hypothetical (albeit interesting) competitor tactic. [Search Engine Land]

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