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PPC Hero Morning Clicks

  • Don’t panic when the second description line on your mobile ads begin to disappear. [Inside AdWords, PPC Hero]
  • Opt your shopping campaigns into Google’s search partners to reach more qualified customers. [Inside AdWords]
  • Hey look, Advertising Age released their list of the top digital marketers in the world! [Ad Age]
  • Is the impact of e-commerce holiday shoppers going to increase across the board year over year?. [eMarketer]
  • More branding campaigns! Says who? Says most marketers! [eMarketer]
  • Is the demographic “female millenials” so enormous that they can’t be effectively targeted? [eMarketer]
  • And in one pretty wicked offense of the causation vs correlation debate, data shows that if you are an iPhone user, you probably love Brad Pitt. Prepare to be targeted for used DVD copies of Troy, Apple fans!  [MarketingTech]
  • The digital age has ushered in a new brand of thinking. No denying that. However, that’s not to say there’s no value in traditional advertising philosophies. [MarketingTech]

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