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  • First things first, whats the latest with Google? Well, structured snippets are now officially live in search results on Google. [Search Engine Land]
  • Last week PPC Hero covered the breaking news on Mobile ads only using your first description line on Google. So, how do you prepare for the change? [PPC Hero]
  • In Bing news, the new campaign planner in the Bing UI was launched this week. [Search Engine Watch]
  • Also, remember when Bing announced they will have new device targeting options, combining tablets with desktops? Well, the change has been made. [PPC Hero]
  • Do you continue to see as a top competitor in your Auction Insights report? How do they show in every industry with such low quality scores? [Search Engine Land]

Auction Insights

  • China’s most used search engine, Baidu, recently came out with a product called “BaiduEye”. Sounds similar to the “Google Glass”, right? But just how similar are the two products? [Advertising Age]

Twitter News IfByPhone

  • Is the publicity of being the worst review on Yelp in your location worth it? An Italian restaurant in San Francisco believes it is. [Ad Week]
  • In other Social Media news. Is it time to buy stock in Facebook? They are now planning to launch a new advertising platform called “Atlas” in the coming weeks. [International Business Times]

The Latest from PPC Hero:

  • CEO of Hanapin Marketing, Pat East, visited with Google to talk about the growth of the agency and accounts managed by Hanapin.