With my birthday and 6-month wedding anniversary recently passing, I am feeling a bit professorial. Please stay with me here, though. I think that you’ll find something on this page that shakes the way you approach managing your PPC account(s).

If someone was so foolhardy as to ask what life advice I had for them it would be this: Write your own wedding vows and make them profound, because a women never forgets a promise.

I may have to relinquish my man card after this statement/post, but when I catch myself struggling through life or work, I often recite the vows I made to my wife in Scotland on a rainy Thursday afternoon in June. That’s because I made some pretty bold claims about the life we are creating together. And I fully intend on keeping the promise. Here’s what I said, and yes, there were this long:

Wedding Vows and PPC
The Castle Where We Made Our Vows

“This is my promise to you, the person, the woman the force. The greater than everything reason I fight, win, do it over. You will always thrill me with comments that make the world blush, inspire me with brilliant honesty. You’ll always grab me and tell me it’s not as bad as my torn and scorched stomach begs me to believe.

And I will always be there, be here, be present in the moment when you want me, when you need me, and when you fight me. As we grow, experience and live a life of passion joy and purpose, we will realize that we know less and less, of the world, ourselves, of each other. And our excitement and zest will reach up as we exceed the grandest dreams we’ve had for our life.

Our life. The life that we are the creators, the masterminds, the we see beauty in the everyday sculptures of. Our limitless life that we create together.

My love, my stunning, honest, passionate, glowing, remarkable being. My promise, my word, my purpose is to always hold up your sky with one arm while holding you with the other. To keep the bottom from falling by gripping it tight with strained and stretched toes. And to be the person, the man, the force that you will count on.”

Why are wedding vows relevant to PPC?

When things get tough, my vows help motivate me. When I don’t know what direction to go, my vows are a source of inspiration. Life in PPC isn’t always easy. Sometimes things you thought would make drastic improvements in performance have to be abandoned because they are doing the opposite. Because of how instrumental my wedding vows have been in me making some sound, life bettering decisions, I have written some vows about how I will manage my clients’ accounts to help me sail through rough waters that I am sure to experience every now and then.

My PPC Management Vows

“In order to provide maximum value for my clients I will always focus on improvements that can make the biggest impact on the metrics that matter to them. And I will forgive myself if I do not get to the other, more routine tasks.

I will confront fear caused by change, competition, and self-doubt by being a proactive sponge for information. And learning is not enough for me. I will implement bold, account changing ideas at breakneck speed.

I am a steward of my accounts. That means that nights, weekends and holidays are an extension of my workday. And I will spend as much time with my family as I do with those accounts.

I act to produce results, not cover my butt. And if I make a mistake or do something that hurts instead of helps, I will take full accountability. And I will fix it, without begrudging, doubting, or complaining.”

In my opinion, if I stick to those vows, my accounts will produce awe inspiring results that have my clients scrambling to find and buy me on of my favorite bottles of single malt scotch whiskey. (Laglavulin 16 Year, or anything by Ardbeg will do nicely.)

So, what do you vow to do for your PPC clients and/or the pay per click accounts you manage?